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Group Training
Exciting, functional group training gets you the 'biggest bang' for  your buck. Classes sizes are 3 -10 participants.


$15 - person/class for 3-5 participants

$12 - person/class for 6-10 participants


There are discounts to these rates for 8-12 week commitment of 2 classes per week. This discount is determined by the number of participants.

Private Training
These sessions are clearly more personal and for some more beneficial. Each client has a personalized program that suits your individual needs.  


$35      single session

$260    10 sessions
$500   20 sessions


Negotiable rates available for clients wanting ongoing training over several months.  


Athlete Conditioning
This is a highly specialized program that is offered in 12 week blocks with 2 training sessions a week.  It is an invaluable program for any athlete from novice to high end athlete to weekend warrior.  


$480 - private sessions (for 24 sessions                 in 12 weeks).

$300 - group training (per participant                   for 24 sessions in 12 weeks).


Group training sessions are limited to 2-6 athletes to ensure proper supervision and hence effectiveness of training.

Core Training
Specific core training can be very beneficial to those individuals with back issues. This is a very intense program that targets the supporting muscles of your back, hips and legs with challenges in all planes of motion.

$20   single session (1/2 hr)

$180 10 sessions




Coming Soon ....


'Bridal Bootcamp' -  a bootcamp style program designed especially for women want to target those critical areas prior to their wedding day.


'Model Molding' a specially designed program for young men and women who are or have aspirations to go into modelling or acting.  Get that awesome defined physique, enhance your confidence and set yourself apart from the others!

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