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The Studio

My studio is essentially where you are.  Your home, my home or any outdoor facility.  Positive Image Training and Fitness endeavours to make my training more accessible to every client.  If there is enough interest in YOUR community I will endeavour to find a facility to run a program for you and your friends.  


Check here for current and upcoming group training session locations offered by Positive Image Training and Fitness.  If you have a group of interested individuals let me know and we will get something working for you.



Current Sessions
Shawn Tinlin, personal trainer at Positive Image Training & Fitness
The Trainer

I am Shawn Tinlin, certified as a personal trainer through Canadian Fitness Professionals and owner of Positive Image Training and Fitness.  In addition to this certification I have additonal certifications and training in the following disciplines 






I believe that every day movement regardless of your age, the complexity of movement or whether the movement is on the field, on the ice, on the track, getting up and down stairs or out of a chair is an athletic achievement.  With this in mind all of my clients are trained as athletes ... the programs offered by Positive Image Training and Fitness are individually structured to meet the fitness level and goal of the client using athlete conditioning principles.


Positive Image Training & Fitness athlete conditioning
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