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Shawn Tinlin


I have always approached my training of clients with the philosophy that we are all athletes on the playing field of life.  Everything we do on a day to day basis can be an athletic challenge. Whether you are a mom chasing your young ones around, a labourer continually bending, lifting and stretching, a senior getting out of a chair and walking to the kitchen or a performance athlete needing to be at the top of your game .... we could all benefit from a well structured conditioning program that prepares us for our life activities  and athletic performance.  


I have been training for 45 years and was certified by Canadian Fitness Professionals as a Personal Trainer Specialist 22 years ago and since then have obtained the following additional credentials :


  • Twist Conditioning - TSCC (Twist Sport Condition Coach) Level 3

  • Resist-A-Ball - C.O.R.E. Level 1 Certification

  • TRX Suspension Training

  • Continuing Education Courses in 'Exercise Physiology' - 'Exercise Anatomy' - 'Advanced Strength Training' - 'Advanced Power Training' - 'Complete Conditiioning for Ice Hockey' - 'Maximal Interval Training' -  'Science of Muscle Hypertrophy' etc.


Positive Image Training and Fitness 


Positive Image Training & Fitness trainer
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