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Given the diversity of people in your community with respect to age, sex, fitness levels we have a variety of programming that should meet everyone's needs.  Take a look at the following offers.

  • General Fitness for anyone who just wants to benefit from functional, effective activities.

  • Advanced Training techniques for individuals looking for more challenging fitness programming.

  • Seniors Fitness for those seniors who want to maintain or enhance their functional everyday activity.

  • Group Fitness historically the most popular from an affordability standpoint and general fun factor.

And new this year ....

  • Strength and Conditioning - primarily for your young athletes looking to maintain their off season fitness BUT beneficial to ANYONE who is looking to train like an athlete.

  • Women Only - programming for the ladies out there who want to feel the 'kindred spirit' of training together.

  • Core Strength & Development - We all know the importance of back health now and in the future and this is the program to guide you to those goals.  So much of our back health depends on fit and functional abs, glutes, hips etc. THIS is the program you need to give yourself all the tools to develop that strong core.


All of these programs are offered in the Tamworth, Yarker, Verona, Harrowsmith, Napanee and Kingston area. 

NOTE:  I will be generating links from the above programs in the near future to provide more details on each.  In the meantime ..... chat with me (CHAT WINDOW) or click here to e-mail.

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Just a Simple Group Training Exercise
Shawn Tinlin, Owner/Trainer of Positive Image Training and Fitmess
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